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Intake Forms for New Patients

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Stress Assessment and Vitality Quotient

Click Here to Download  Vitality Quotient assessment questionnaire for a measure of your stress levels and coping habits 



Great Apps for Health

Stress Doctor : A very effective bio-feedback app that synchronizes your heart rate and breathing, allowing you to move quickly into the parasympathetic "Rest & Digest" mode. (although it is $7.99 we find that very affordable when compared to other devices available that perform similar functions which usually cost anywhere from $120 - $160, such as Stress Eraser)

Stress Check : A quick 2 minute Heart Rate Variability test to measure your current stress load. 

Sleep Stream 2 Pro: Uses sound waves (binaural beats) to move your brain into Theta or Beta wave activity to promote deep rest or sleep. 

iFitness : Exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of stress and keep your mind and body resilient, but not everyone can afford a personal trainer. This app has amazing pictures and videos for each body part and for different types of work outs. 


Women's Health and Fertility

The Infertility Connection of Edmonton:  support group that meets regularly to provide support to couples who are experiencing infertility.


Food & Nutrition

Sparrow's Nest:  local organic community supported agriculture farm.

Sunshine Organics:  free range poultry and meat, downtown farmers market and direct ordering.

Bread Land:  non-wheat bread and pastries, located in Oliver Square. 


Web Resources for Health Information

Learn How Natural Health Products are Under Attack: Health Canada gets it backwards and deems all Herbs and Vitamins guilty until proven innocent. Learn more at

Chinese Herbal Medicine information:  

General Health and Medical Information: Medline Plus at

Acupuncture Information:


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