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We can direct bill most secondary health benefit programs for acupuncture treatment, including:  Great West Life, Sun Life, Manulife, Desjardens, Industrial Alliance


Acupuncture and Dry Needling

We combine the wisdom of Traditional Acupuncture with Dry Needling and Trigger Point release to help rehabilitate and heal injured and tight muscles. These techniques can rapidly restore range of motion and muscle contractility within one or two sessions. 

Since we provide a thorough physical assessment of your condition at your first visit, you will be able to see and experience the difference in strength and function by the end of each session. 

While Dry Needling and deep Muscular Stimulation are effective for musculoskeletal problems, acupuncture has broad systemic effects in the body, helping to reduce inflammation, activate the immune system, and normalize the endocrine system. 

Massage Therapy

When our body is in a state of constant tension and strain we adopt "holding patterns" of posture and movement to work around the muscles that are tight and unresponsive. We start to adjust to the knots in our muscles, to the fatigue, to the inability to do a simple shoulder check while driving! 

Massage therapy can re-introduce blood back into those tense muscles, release restrictions, and help you recover function, movement, and strength.  Whether you are recovering from a sports injury, a motor vehicle accident, or are just plain tight and tense, we can create the massage plan you need. 

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

The range of therapeutic effects that can be found in Chinese medicinal plants is vast, ranging from plants that reduce inflammation and promote tissue repair to immune strengthening mushrooms. 

Many of our herbal prescriptions consist of herbs known as 'adaptogens'. These plants provided the body the ability to increase resistance to stressors, and have a normalizing action to various systems (endocrine, nervous). For example, adaptogens can lower a high blood pressure problem, or raise blood pressure for a person with low blood pressure. For more complex conditions, patient-specific Chinese Herbal formulations can be created in our herb room  and adjusted every few weeks as the condition requires. 

Cold Laser Therapy

Although Laser Therapy is used in a variety of applications ranging from dermatology to burn healing, we have implemented Laser Therapy to hasten the healing of tissues that do not have a lot of blood flow to them, such as tendons and ligaments. Additionally we apply Cold Laser to post-surgical healing and recovery, such as knee surgery. 

For more information and introductory reading visit the Swedish Laser Medical Society site

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