Symptoms of Miscarriage

It is a hard truth that miscarriages are common. Indeed over 50% of women will experience at least one in their lifetime. Sadly, this is a burden that women feel they have to bear alone.  We want to change this.  By talking about miscarriages, we can help expecting mothers become educated and offer both physical and emotional support.  In the majority of cases miscarriages are caused by genetic anomalies, however, if there is a chance to prevent or treat a threatened miscarriage, knowledge is our first and most powerful tool.

In Western medicine the most common approach to treat a threatened miscarriage is to ‘wait and see’, employing bed rest or to restrict physical and sexual activity.  While rest is absolutely essential in both preventing and treating a threatened miscarriage acupuncture and Chinese medicine can offer more active treatment that may positively impact a threatened miscarriage. 

Some symptoms to look for are:

  • spotting/bleeding
  • cramping
  • low back pain
  • a bearing down sensation
  • fatigue
  •  heavy bleeding

*Remember that it can be very common for spotting or light bleeding in the first trimester and it doesn't necessarily mean there is a threatened miscarriage.  At this stage you’ll want to see your physician to confirm whether it is a threatened miscarriage and to make sure there are no other complications (get an ultrasound and a blood test checking your Rh factor and hCG levels). 

There may be other signs that Western medicine doesn’t look at but helps in diagnosing from a Chinese medicine standpoint like:

  •  heart palpitations
  • a feeling of cold (especially in the low back)
  • night sweats
  •  dry mouth and throat  

These can help us provide a specifically tailored treatment plan for you to achieve optimum results.

Prevention is key in helping to treat threatened miscarriages.  If you’ve previously had a miscarriage, had habitual miscarriages, or are an ‘at risk’ pregnancy (meaning that you became pregnant after a period of infertility), starting treatments right from the beginning or ideally before becoming pregnant will help to ensure a smooth and healthy pregnancy. 

Miscarriages should not remain a taboo subject, but rather should be discussed openly.  Through this open discussion comes education and the opportunity to proactively pursue treatment and directly impact a positive outcome - a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. 

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Written by Kortney Oxner-Kerfoot


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